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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a recharge facility?

The following services can be recharged:

  • Prepaid Mobile Number.
  • DTH (Direct to home).
  • Broadband Data Cards.

Where Top-up refers to usage of services after a prior payment for that service is made.

What is a TopUp?

Top Ups are simply talktime value or mobile minutes that get loaded onto prepaid phones. Some operators use other terms to describe a topup, such as recharge, reload, refill, prepay, flexipay, and billpay.

What is Voicepace?

Voicepace is an online mobile recharge site which provides prepaid mobile recharge for most Indian telecom service providers including Vodafone, Airtel, Loop, Reliance, Idea, Docomo, Tata Indicom, S-Tel, Aircel and BSNL as well as others. Voicepace is special because you, as a user have the power to make the recharge free.

Account/ My Account

Is it necessary to register with the site?

No. However this is just a one time exercise and absolutely free. Details saved during the registration will be saved for future transactions.


What is the difference between voicepace.com and the other online top up services?

The top up is immediate, no code to send by SMS and no useless hassles. Check often the country coverage as it increases regularly. With voicepace.com you can top up online on prepaid mobile phone in 82 countries and to 189 mobile operators.


How do I get started?

  • Remove the back of your unlocked GSM phone;
  • Take out the battery and your current SIM;
  • Replace with your Voicepace International Roaming SIM;
  • Reinsert the battery;
  • Replace your phone back and switch the phone on;
  • When prompted add the SIM code for the profile you wish to use;
  • Wait until the network is located; and
  • Begin using.

How can I do a Mobile Top-up?

There are several ways you can do a mobile recharge;

  • Pre-paid voucher (PIN via SMS)
  • Pre-paid voucher (PIN via Phone Call)
  • Pre-paid E-PIN (PIN via SMS)
  • Pre-paid E-PIN (PIN via Phone Call)
  • Online
  • Mobile to Mobile (E-wallet)

Bank to Mobile (E-banking)


Is there any additional charge levied by Voicepace on the customer?

There is no additional charge levied to the retailer except one time service registration fee. Retailers have to manage the SMS expense for using recharge service through SMS.

Offers/ Promotions

How to be kept up-to-date about deals, time limited offers and new products?

Sign up using your email or your mobile phone number. You will regularly receive our new offers and always be among the first informed. You will also enjoy many features that will speed up and ease your future top ups. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube and receive promotional offers to your favorite social network!

Case Studies

I am Chinese and I live in France; can you explain me why top up is sold more expensive in France than in my country?

We also have costs to deliver the top up. Our service is to offer you the possibility to top up mobiles phone in China from any country using our website.


How can I contact you to report a problem or to give suggestions?

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for in our FAQ, you can contact us using the contact form on ask for help page. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. To make a suggestion use the feedback page.

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