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Features & Comparisons

Voicepace International Roaming SIM Cards have the most advanced feature set of any solution on the market today!


Say NO to expensive roaming rates. Voicepace offers hassle free roaming at near local rates.

  • Global coverage in nearly 220 countries
  • Free incoming in over 90 countries
  • Be local with outgoing rates as low as $0.15c per minute

With Voicepace there is 1 World, One SIM.


Multi-IMSI and OTA Compatible

The most flexible and scalable solution in the market today!


  • one global number for use across the world
  • up to 16 profile slots for roaming in the most popular destinations,
  • use and gain a temporary local number for 90 days  
  • use the SIM as a local phone in these countries
  • over the air capability additional local numbers can be added 
  • additional virtual numbers for permanent local access
  • any unlocked GSM phone
  • access to over 600 worldwide networks,
  • all tier 1 carriers, making for unsurpassed quality of service


Comparison: Competitor offerings are limited to country specific SIMs and/ or dual or small number multi-IMSI cards. These do not offer the flexibility we can.



Save on Making and Receiving Calls

Rates we are proud of, save up to 90%! Our coverage delivers unsurpassed quality of service!


  • considerable savings in outgoing calls 
  • low cost SMS
  • low cost data for internet browsing
  • free incomming to over 90 countries
  • soft phone compatible increases the savings





You Buy, You Own 

Purchase your SIM today and its yours for life!


  • manage with your own 24/7 online account
  • access to 24/7 customer service
  • access to additional mobile services application (FREE)


Comparison: No SIM or line rental, no set up charges and no hidden costs. All you pay is the cost of the SIM, and the calls, texts & data you use. Unlike other SIM cards that expire in 90 days, with Voicepace your SIM remains lifetime active.



Free Call Forwarding

Redirect most incoming calls to any home mobile or land line!


  • forward your number to your home mobile or land line





Softphone Compatible

Use a Softphone to stay connected even when your SIM is not in use!


  • download the soft phone from your account
  • configure using the instructions  
  • use to make or receive calls at an even better rate!
  • incomming calls come to your SIM as well as the soft phone 


Comparison: This is a unique feature of Voicepace. This FREE option is not available elsewhere!



Topup/ Recharge

Recharge anywhere, any time!


  • via your online account 
  • purchase pre-paid vouchers
  • via SMS recharge
  • through our online store


Comparison: We don't limit you to your country of origin. Wherever you are in the world you will be able to recharge successfully.



Our Own Infrastructure 

We are not resellers of third party products!


  • we own our infrsrtucture 
  • allows us to be fully transparent with billing
  • we can offer special rates and value services


Comparison: Other competitors only resell products of other major operators making their solutions less flexible and scalable. We own our infrastructure allowing us to produce the best value.


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