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1 World, One SIM | How it Works for You

How it Works for you!

Voicepace International Roaming SIM Cards are for International Travel!


Say YES to 

  • Making the most of your travel experience
  • Making the most of our features
  • Staying connected "with confidence"

With Voicepace there is 1 World, One SIM.

What we have done for you! 

Best networks, best rates, best coverage, best quality of service!

We have taken the best features, options and innovation to provide the best possible solution for International Roaming and Travel. We have collected and aggregated the best quality of service, best rates and best coverage wherever you are and put this into a hassle free, time free plug and play solution.

Simply this is the 1 World, One SIM you have been always looking for!

Who is it suitable for! 

With its innovative and unique features will be your solution of choice when you travel and need to stay connected! Our cost effective solutions fit all shapes and sizes! We all want simple, hassle free and uncomplicated solutions to add value to our travel experience, not reduce it!

For everyone who wants the convenience, without the bill shock!

Business Professionals

For experienced or casual business traveller wanting a low cost but reliable solution to stay connected.



Leisure/ Backpackers

For those that want a worry free vacation/ holiday while looking to keep in touch with friends and family as well as using as a local phone wherever you are without costing a fortune.


Travel Professionals

For pilots, cabin crew, resort reps, or other travel professionals. Long stay or short stay a flexible solution for where ever you go.

Ex-pats and Family

For ex-patriot professionals and their families who want a single reachable number no matter where work may take them. 

  Overseas Home Owners

For owners of a second home who want a single reachable mobile number that can be used in both places without breaking the bank.


For students who study outside of their home country who want a single reachable mobile number for staying connected locally and internationally. 

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