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Roaming Management Services (RMS)

Voicepace Roaming management services (RMS) helps mobile operators to manage all aspects of roaming business with ease and result in increased efficiency and profitability. In today’s world roaming is an important service that operators must offer in a most effective manner, not only to increase revenues, but also to cater to customers’ needs.

Roaming revenue, however, is very difficult to manage due to the dynamic nature of the business, technical complexities, operational constraints and the high volume of data flow. Roaming business development brings new opportunities for profit but also poses a significant threat to revenues. To secure and maximize revenues it is imperative to ensure that the entire Roaming process is accurate and up-to-date.

Roaming Management System offers the data and tools required to implement and manage the entire Roaming process faster, accurately and with ease. It enables the user to identify and plug potential areas of revenue leakage.

In a nutshell, RMS has the following features:

  • Roaming Partner Database - One Centralized database to store all the Roaming partner and Non-roaming partner information like Organization, Contacts, IOT details etc;
  • Document Management - Store ,manage and compare all type of Roaming related documents including the RAEX/XML versions;
  • Smart Alerts - Keep track of changes through smart alerts and reports sent to individuals or teams;
  • Third Party Support - Import the data from GSMA or predefined email ids into the system. Export the data in usable format for any third party system;
  • Secure Access - Offline / Online access with security of individual permissions and data back up; and
  • RAEX Compliance - Be compliant with GSMA RAEX versions for AA14 and IR21 now and BA19, BA29 and IR85 in future. RMS offers in-depth search and filtering options to view and export any of the Roaming related information.

For details, demo, work flow and commercials please drop an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Test Scheduling

International Roaming Expert Group globally known as IREG has defined a set of tests approved by GSMA which have to be successfully performed before services are commercially launched. 

Voicepace will take the initiative in contacting roaming partners to ascertain their availability to commence IREG testing. We will also coordinate and exchange relevant test documents to ensure that the tests are completed on schedule.

Voicepace will exchange GSMA specific documents such as IR and AA documents to ensure that network, data and billing details are accurately configured.

IOT Negotiations

IOT negotiations are done to ensure that the margins in roaming are kept intact. IOT (Inter Operator Tariff). These negotiations are basically discounted rates to the current existing IOT as per standard AA14 (Agreement). These negotiations are done post understanding few needs of the client & gauging the potential growth of the client’s network over couple of years.

Voicepace experts in IOT negotiations prior to arriving at any IOT negotiation do a detail market survey, gauge the potential of the country, Analyze the subscriber base and their ARPU (Average revenue per user), business strategy etc. to ensure we are approaching the right Roaming partner or country.

Carrier Wholesale

It is also important to keep cost in control and hence to maximize margins. Along with Wholesale IOT with Roaming Partners it is necessary to carry out carrier whole strategy to keep cost lower.

We at Voicepace will also work towards reducing cost by negotiating with vendors who supply services such as Signaling, GRX and ILD carrier which in turn will increase roaming margins.

Wholesale Margins

The Mobile industry is getting more complex with increasing competition and decreasing margins however it is predominant to stabilize or increase your margins. To Increase your current margins one needs to have substantial wholesale deals. Any analysis of nature and extent of competition in an industry requires a framework that identifies pertinent question, organizes, evaluates and interprets data and reaches logical conclusion that are consistent with empirical information.

Wholesale roaming is a bundle of extensive market research and tapping the right need of the subscriber, here subscriber means two roaming partners.

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