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Market & Opportunity

The Markets: Big and Growing Fast

Smartphone Market Picture 2010 – 2015

March 2011  - Mobile phone use Globally reached 6 billion. 32% of all handsets sold were smart phones with this set to increase. Consumer habits expect this to double or even triple by the end of 2013.

Source: The International Telecommunications Union.

The Global Roaming Picture 2010 – 2015

Globally roaming markets will grow by 86% delivering revenues approx US$67 billion or 6.3% of total mobile service revenues at this time.

Source: Global Mobile Roaming: Operator strategies andmarket trends - 4th edition (2010), Informa Telecoms & Media

The Mobile Services Picture 2010 – 2015

10,480+ Crores of DTH & mobile recharges in India each month!! DTH market is a 3000+ Crores market with over 20 million  users. DTH growth at 30% & expected to be a 9000 cr./month by 2014..

The Opportunity:

Most international roaming is expensive and most SIM solutions developed to operate via a single location lacking both the convenience required by modern travellers and the ability to have multiple phone numbers. This trend has increased while innovations in new solutions were being discovered.

Customers could never achieve the experience they required. Travellers and working professionals have been held back from real communication because of cost and lack of portability. New types of mobile Global Roaming SIM Card solutions arrived purported to solve all roaming pains.

To date this has been only partially successful UNTIL NOW….



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