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IREG and TADIG Testing

Testing in today’s dynamic market scenario in the telecom industry is extremely important in terms of providing quality roaming services to customers. Every operator wants to reduce costs and increase margins. To achieve these goals, Mobile operators need to start with the basic activity of performing IREG testing & validating the TAP files through TADIG testing.

Indeed, it is a tedious process as this activity would have to be performed with each and every mobile operator. We at Voicepace could absorb the complexity of performing IREG and TADIG tests through, a pool of highly trained and skilled engineers thus ensuring total efficiency at a much faster pace without any compromise on quality.

Our Proposition:

Voicepace uses highly secure, state of the art web based remote access tools coupled with the expertise of our experienced personnel to remotely execute tests in our client network. We also closely monitor and follow up on the status of the tests in the roaming partners’ network by acting as the single point of contact for all queries from roaming partners regarding ongoing tests. Voicepace will provide a timely and a step by step report of the swift progress of tests.

Upon successful completion of tests, Voicepace will facilitate the exchange of the completed IREG test handbooks and validate the same with the corresponding TAP files to issue the Test Completion Certificate (TCC) thus facilitating the Commercial Launch.

Our Offering:

Voicepace is ideally positioned to provide the following services:

  • 2G Voice & SMS (IR24);
  • GPRS (IR35);
  • CAMEL and Prepaid Services (IR32 & IR60); and
  • 3G Voice, Data and Video Telephony (IR50).

Based on specific requests we could even provide recurring health and hygiene tests with partner SIM cards in your network.

For any information you would require on IREG and TADIG testing, scope of work and commercial enquiries, please drop an email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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